In 2006, Devin and Stacy Bair founded Bairco Construction, Inc.  Five short years later, the company was named Wyoming Small Business of the Year.  Bairco’s key to success is maintaining the company’s primary philosophies: efficiency and creativity.  This has earned our customer’s trust, and has allowed us to forge solid, long-term relationships with our clients.

“We need the job to be perfect.  Bairco is the company that can do that.”
– Mike Jones, Bank of Lovell

“Contractor went out of their way to make sure that the project was done well and done right.”
– Bureau of Reclamation

“The quality of work was exceptional.”
– Bureau of Land Management

Creativity, Innovation and Cost Efficiency

“Highly innovative and had many solutions for some complex problems.”
– Bureau of Land Management

“Because of the fast construction and ability to work this project in an innovative way they were able to come in under budget and that allowed the Air Force to add two more sites to the contract.”
– U.S. Air Force

Bairco’s staff will analyze the full scope of your building or civil construction project to ensure timely completion while maintaining budget integrity.

Working in Extreme Locations

“Bairco’s ability to work difficult situations and adapt to them is unmatched.”
– U.S. Air Force

Bairco has been a trusted and reliable partner to the federal and local government, completing a wide-variety of time-sensitive projects under challenging conditions with technical complexity.

Reducing Environmental Impact

“Bairco was also extremely sensitive to the environment and went above any contract requirements to ensure the construction site was clean, safe and that their work would not have a negative impact on the area.”
– Bureau of Land Management

With each project, the Bairco team develops a plan to minimize the impact of construction on the local environment and create sustainable solutions for our customer.  We have a comprehensive quality control program and maintain compliance with federal, state and industry regulations in order to ensure safety for both our staff and the community.