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Design/Build Electrical Systems Rehabilitation

Bairco Construction, Inc. completed the design and construction to rehabilitate the electrical systems of the Big Horn Canyon National Recreation area Administration Building and Fire Cache for the National Park Service.

The purpose of the project was to upgrade the electrical systems of the buildings to meet current code requirements.  The Fire Cache is approximately 3,230 square feet.  The Administration Building is 8,140 square feet on two stories.  The buildings remained occupied during construction.  The process of keeping the buildings operational during construction required extensive scheduling and coordination.  Office personnel were strategically relocated in phases in order to minimize disruptions to government operations.

The work included design; replacing the existing conductor and grounding; replacing electrical panels; replacing outlets and switches; replacing interior/exterior fixtures; adding new lights and switches; replacing service entrance panels; and adding a dedicated circuit for an underground fuel storage tank system.  Extensive retrofitting, sheetrock cutting and patching were required to place rigid conduit in the walls to house new wiring.



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